Unified Communications Speakerphone

Clear Audio, Room-filling Volume. Creating a New Standard for Conference Speakerphones.


  • YVC-300 Equipped with multiple original audio processing technologies similar* to the higher-grade model, the YVC-1000, to achieve comfortable remote communication

    Achieve stress-free reciprocal conversations

    ♫ Adaptive echo canceller

    This removes echoes created when the microphone picks up sound from the speaker.Audio up to 20 kHz is processed to achieve smoother reciprocal conversations.


    Eliminate noise and convey only voices

    ♫ Noise reduction HVAD

    Even if there is constant noise from a projector or from air conditioning, the noise is removed from the audio picked up on the microphone.


    Adjust the volume of people close to and far from the microphone

    ♫ Automatic gain control HVAD

    Both loud and quiet sounds picked up by the microphone are adjusted to the optimal volume. This reduces differences in volume for the listener due to difference in voice levels and distance from the microphone.


    Convey clear voices even where voices echo

    ♫ Dereverberation

    This processing reduces reverberation caused by the properties of the room. Even in spaces subject to reverberation, the listener hears the audio clearly.


    Automatically track the person speaking

    ♫ Automatic tracking HVAD

    The speaker position detection function automatically tracks the direction of the voice. It does not react to sounds from things and only picks up people’s voices.

    *The “automatic room EQ” function from the higher-grade model, the YVC-1000, is not equipped.



    (Human Voice Activity Detection)

    The microphone detects human voices with high precision when picking up audio. Combined with “noise reduction”, “automatic gain control”, and “automatic tracking”, this makes the audio even clearer.

    “High Volume,” highest in the USB bus power class

    This achieves the highest volume in its class among USB-powered speakerphones, at approximately double the volume of the previous model, the “PJP-20UR”. The momentary maximum volume is 91 dB and the frequency bandwidth for playback ranges from 190 to 20,000 Hz, making it easier to hear a wide variety of voices, from high to low. In meetings of about six people, your messages are conveyed clearly for stress-free communication.Public phone lineInternet, Intranet,etc.YVC-300PCUSBconnectionSmart-phoneAudio conference, etc.Web conference, etc.Video conferenceVideo conferencesystemInternet, Intranet,etc.AUDIO (IN/OUT)connectionBluetoothconnectionSmart-phoneFixed-linephonePCVideo conferencesystem

    Fast, easy connection to PCs, smartphones and video conference system